Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89) [1/12]


Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89) [1/12]

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1/12 scale assembly model kit based on the Suzuki RGV-Gamma (XR89). Overall length: 168mm, overall width: 52mm, overall height: 93mm. Model features one-piece upper cowl constructed with the latest in slide-molding technology. All cowling and gas tank can be removed even after assembly, revealing the intricate understructure of this sophisticated recreation. 2-cycle V4 engine features detailed exhaust valve, clutch, air-cleaner, and other parts. Rear suspension uses metal coil spring and is attached to frame with nuts. Decals have been included for drivers Roberts, Jr., Aoki, and Kagayama. Solid rubber used for authentic slick racing tires.